Sulfuric Acid Pump Replacement – Pennsylvania

Description:Sulfuric Acid Pump

A landfill leachate treatment facility with an SBR (sequencing batch reactor), requires acid to control pH in the two 25,000 gallon reactor tanks. 93% sulfuric acid is stored in a 1,000 gallon polyethylene tank with pump suction lines pulling from the top of the tank (not a flooded suction). The pump discharge lines extend approximately 100ft to the top of the 20ft high reactor tanks, where the chemical is fed into the process.

The facility had originally used hydraulically actuated diaphragm pumps but encountered problems with leaking diaphragms and loss of prime. In an effort to improve reliability the diaphragm pumps were replaced with peristaltic (hose) pumps. The peristaltic pumps had a better suction lift and eliminated loss of prime, however, hose life was less than six weeks and ruptures caused major problems.

Supplied by ES2:

Sulfuric Acid Pump

ES2 replaced the peristaltic pumps and installed (2) Neptune 7000 Series mechanically actuated diaphragm pumps. The 7000 series were ordered with Kynar pump heads, Ceramic Ball Checks and a mechanically actuated Teflon diaphragm, all wetted materials highly compatible with 93% sulfuric acid. The pumps had no problem with the initial 6ft suction lift and do not lose their prime. In 2008 the heads were disassembled and a thorough inspection of all components showed no evidence of degradation. The pumps were reassembled, put back into operation and continue to operate with no problems.


Sulfuric Acid PumpSulfuric Acid Pump