Spring (bottled) Water Pumping System – Pennsylvania

Spring Water Pumping System

Process Description:

A PLC based spring water pumping control system maintains water level in a storage tank. Water is pumped from a sump fed by the spring and overflowing to the existing creek. An ultrasonic flow meter monitors creek water flow over a weir. A VFD controls the pumping rate to maintain flow to the storage tank while not the allowing creek flow to drop below the permitted rate. A truck load-out station is monitored for flow and all process variables are data-logged to a memory card located on the HMI. A great deal of attention was paid to surge protection as the spring located at a high elevation in remote location.

Supplied by ES2:

Control system design including: P&IDs, control panel wiring diagrams, point to point wiring diagrams. Complete NEMA 4 control panel with PLC/touch screen HMI, remote IO, power supplies, and surge protection. ES2 delivered, and installed the control panel, flow transmitter, level transmitter, VFD and submersible pump. Terminated wires, performed start-up, tuning and operator training.

Spring Water Pumping SystemSpring Water Pumping SystemSpring Water Pumping