Water & Wastewater Treatment

Pennsylvania COSTARS Program

Pennsylvania COSTARS Program

 ES2 is an approved COSTARS supplier

COSTARS is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s cooperative purchasing program.  The COSTARS approach to cooperative purchasing uses the purchasing power of local entities, to obtain more competitive pricing and choice than individual purchasers might be able to obtain on their own.

Pennsylvania Municipal Water & Wastewater treatment facilities are eligible to join COSTARS, to take advantage of better pricing on ES2 Equipment & Services without going to bid.  For more information an how to join COSTARS and take advantage of the program click here or contact ES2 (below).



ES2 Services

Water & Wastewater instrumentation and control system performance is extremely important in producing quality water and wastewater that will reliably meet DEP requirements.

Fluid Dynamics

Water & Wastewater analyzers, flow meters, level and pressure transmitters, PLCs, SCADA,  and VFDs all work together to keep your treatment process on track.  ES2 can help you keep your equipment functional, accurate and doing the job.  Our water & wastewater controls technicians are trained and experienced specifically with water & wastewater control equipment,  instrumentation and chemical feed systems used in both industrial and municipal water & wastewater treatment facilities.


  • Laser alignments
  • Calibrations
  • Instrument maintenance and repairs
  • Control systems and equipment modifications
  • Emergency services
  • Installations
  • Engineering and design

Parts and Equipment

  • Replacement parts for instruments, controls and chemical feeders
  • Instruments – flow, level, pressure, temperature
  • Wastewater analyzers – pH, ORP, DO, turbidity, chlorine residual
  • Gas leak detection – chlorine, sulfur dioxide, methane, ammonia
  • Chemical leak detection – water, wastewater, chemicals
  • Chemical feed for gases and liquids


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