How well are you managing landfill gases?

Managing landfill gas, digester gas and biogas begins with adhering to all EPA safety regulations and guidelines. Because the composition of these gases is dominated by methane (CH4), it is critical that your plant is able to perform under extreme states and conditions. By optimizing the performance of your process instrumentation and control system you will ensure that your plant is compliant with today’s standards and unlock new ways to save energy, lower production costs and maximize and extend your biogas production ability.

Suggestions to Get you Started

Variable Speed Drives

When I evaluate landfill gas handling systems I often look for variable speed drives (also called variable frequency drives or VFDs) on blowers, pressure transmitters and flow meters (to just name a few). I have found that variable speed drives are more efficient and can control flow better than the traditional fixed-speed motors that use flow regulating control valves. The energy savings you’ll realize typically pays for the drives in just a few months. Variable speed drives also expands the performance of your control system to help you extract the highest quality (and volume) of biogas over the longest period of time.

System Integration

Another area that I look at is how tightly integrated motors, drives and other instrumentation are with the landfill’s control system. I’ve discovered that one of the most powerful ways to get the most out of your biogas production capability is through system integration. When your devices communicate their condition and status to your control system, you will be able to quickly identify where potential issues exist and take the corrective actions needed to keep your process moving. Having a predictive maintenance program is essential when managing biogas or any hazardous materials.

Whether it’s monitoring gas quality, maintaining flare temperature or measuring flow to flares your system’s ability to manage your plant’s biogas production impacts the environment, the health and safety of your community and your landfill’s overall economic success. By optimizing your control system and instrumentation, you can maximize and extend your biogas production capabilities, reduce your impact on the environment and realize significant gain in energy efficiency.