Wastech Wastewater Treatment Systems

Wastech is a leading manufacturer of high quality industrial wastewater treatment systems including: pH adjustment, chemical dispensing and pump lift stations.

Wellfield Vacuum Controller

ES2 control system uses PLC with high resolution touch screen display to control blower speed and maintain well-field vacuum to a user selected set-point. Includes data-logging of all process variables to micro SD card. Custom built to your specifications.

DS-016 Display-Shield

The Display-Shield is designed for protection, daylight viewing and data entry for operator interface panels. The DS-016 is the solution for difficult to view outdoor display panels. The patented design reduces glare when viewing in the sun.

ES2 Model CL970 Chlorine Controller

The ES2 Model CL970 controller is designed to provide accurate, reliably controlled feed of chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite, sulfur dioxide, or sodium bisulfite for the disinfection of water or wastewater.

ES2 Model DL-4X4 4-channel datalogger

This multichannel datalogger and controller features an enclosure NEMA-4X polycarbonate with SS latches, a clear hinged cover and mounting feet, power of 120vac, 60hz, 500ma, analog inputs: (4) 4-20madc or 0-10 volts, digital inputs: (12) 24v, digital outputs: (6) dry contact relay, datalogging: MicroSD or USB (max 2GB) and a 5.7″ color touchscreen display.