Wastewater Treatment

Hach Pocket Colorimeter - Chlorine

The Hach Pocket Colorimeter™ II Filter Photometer is a true go-anywhere instrument. It’s lightweight and battery operated, suitable for extended field work or quick, on-the-spot process monitoring. The instrument has two channels in which measurements can be made. Belt holster is optional.

Capital Controls 200 Series Gas Chlorinator

Easy to install, for indoor or outdoor installation, each 200 Series feeder is factory tested and needs no field adjustment prior to start-up. Ten different flowmeter capacities provide versatility in meeting gas flow requirements. Feeders mount directly on the gas valve of a cylinder, ton container or manifold utilizing a lead gasketed positive yoke clamp. Diaphragm ejectors are standard with a choice of diffuser outlets. As an option, a variety of different ejectors are available to meet your application needs.

Polymaster Polymer Blending System

Neptune Polymaster™ dilutes, mixes and thoroughly activates emulsion, dispersion and solution polymers including new high molecular weight products. It provides state-of-the-art polymer activation and blending through the use of the patented, motorized Gatlin distribution head. Polymaster™ is simple, automatic and economical, providing better mixing and a higher degree of activation than similar machines. Polymaster™ is easy to operate and maintain.