Crane CV-600 Duo-Chek Check Valve

Duo-Chek high performance non-slam check valves are the original Mission wafer check valves introduced to the market in the late 50’s. They are available in the sizes, pressure classes and configurations you need to meet the most demanding of applications.

Triad Pneumatically Actuated Butterfly Valve

Within its 700 series, Triad makes pneumatically actuated wafer butterfly valve models. Ductile iron construction, spring return, and elastomer seats distinguish these automated valves. A complete range of sizes is available.

Triad 700 Series Butterfly Valves

The Triad 700 series features an extended neck for installation which means no fabricated extension are required. Machined flats also attach disc/stem which means no pins. The valve is also easy to automate because of its low tourques and ISO mounting. The valve is made silicon free from the factory making aftermarket cleaning nonexistent.

ASCO RedHat Next Generation Solenoid Valves

The Next Generation of solenoid valves provides lower operating cost, and represents an advancement in the performance, reliability, and ruggedness that you have come to expect from ASCO.