Sierra 5100-02-IT Conbustible Gas Monitor

Model 5100-02-IT utilizes the proven, reliable, catalytic bead technology to monitor for combustible gases (methane and others). Output range is 0-100% of Lower Explosive Limit (LEL). This detector has minimal maintenance requirements and is Factory Mutual approved for six month calibration intervals. Internal, continuous self-diagnostics automatically detect and alarm any fault problems. The 5100-02-IT can be used as a 4-20 mA component or as a Modbus RTU node.

ES2 Model LLD1020-1 Liquid Leak Detector

The ES2 Model LLD1020-1 Liquid Leak Detector is designed to monitor for liquid leaks on a solid surface and provide audible and visual alarms with contact output provided for remote alarming.

Honeywell Flame Detector Amplifier

The R7824C Rectification Flame Amplifier is a solid state plug-in amplifier that responds to a rectified signal from a C7024E,F Self-Check Ultraviolet Flame Detector to indicate the presence of flame when used with the 24 Vdc RM7824 Relay Module.

Honeywell MiniPeeper Flame Detector Sensor

The C7027A, C7035A, C7044A and C7927A Minipeeper® Ultraviolet Flame Detectors detect the ultraviolet radiation emitted by combustion flames. The flame detectors are used with Honeywell flame safeguard controls to provide flame supervision for gas, oil, or combination gas-oil burners.