Landfill Gas Blower Control System – Pennsylvania

Process Description:Landfill Gas Blower

Landfill gas is drawn from the well field using (2) blowers on variable speed drives (VFDs). The blowers feed landfill gas to (1) 2000 CFM enclosed John Zink flare. Wellfield pressure (vacuum) is controlled with a PID control loop, modulating the designated VFD and blower speed based upon feedback from a wellfield pressure transmitter. Blower surge protection was included in the PLC logic and alarms are transmitted on a wireless transmitter to SCADA system. The PLC logs all process variable data to a memory card.

Landfill Gas BlowerSupplied by ES2:

Control system design including: P&IDs, control panel wiring diagrams, point to point wiring diagrams, complete NEMA 4 control panel with PLC/touch screen HMI, remote IO, power supplies, and surge protection. ES2 delivered, and installed all supplied equipment, terminated all wires and performed start-up and operator training.


Landfill Gas Blower