Landfill Gas Blower Control System—Pennsylvania

ES2 Landfill Gas blower control system


A Pennsylvania Landfill required a control system for a new blower skid. The blowers pull a vacuum on a portion of the landfill and push the gas to a 4000 SCFM flare and a power generating facility for a total flow rate of 12,000 SCFM. A control system was required to provide a safe, stable, continuous landfill vacuum and gas flow.

Supplied by ES2:

ES2 Landfill Gas blower control system

ES2 designed, built and installed a blower control system, with a PLC and color touch screen display. The control system monitors gas flow, temperature and pressures and utilizes a PID control loop to maintain a continuous level of vacuum on the well-field. The system also provided automatic cycling, bringing on a second blower at a preset flow rate, shutting it off when not required. Blower speed is controlled through (3) Variable Frequency Drives which also feed back amps and to surge protection logic. Temperature and vibration sensors on the blower bearings are monitored, alarmed and interlocked for shut-down if preset levels are exceeded. All process variables are data logged on a continuous basis within the PLC.