Cooling Water Analysis & Control System – New Jersey

Cooling Water AnalysisProcess Description:

A canning process incorporates (2) cooling water loops: (1) closed process loop and (1) open cooling tower loop. A system was designed and installed to monitor both loops for: pH, ORP and Conductivity. Each process variable was then used to control (7) chemical metering pumps feed various cooling water chemicals. A time-based proportional control was incorporated to pulse the metering pumps (on & off) for a time, proportional to the deviation from set-point, saving cost on metering pumps and eliminated the need for analog PLC outputs.

Analyzer probes interface directly with the PLC via RS232 Modbus protocol, eliminating the need for discrete analyzer transmitters, simplifying the system and the system size and costs. All process variables are data-logged on the PLC to a MicroSD card, directly readable in Microsoft Excel.

Supplied by ES2:

Cooling Water Analysis

Control system design including: P&IDs, control panel wiring diagrams, point to point wiring diagrams. Complete NEMA 4X control panel with PLC/touch screen HMI, remote IO, power supplies, and surge protection. ES2 delivered, and

installed the control panel, sample chambers, analyzer probes, valves, flow-meters, piping and conduit. Removed all existing equipment, piping and electrical, installed new system, performed start-up, tuning and operator training.

Cooling Water AnalysisCooling Water Analysis