Blower Pad & Flare Integration & Control – Pennsylvania

Blower Pad and Flare IntegrationSupplied by ES2:

Control system design & Integration: P&ID control for (2) flares and the blower skid. The blowers and flares are influenced by landfill vacuum applied to the well field as well as pipe line pressure. During normal operation the blower skid feeds gas to a compressor plant at a set discharge pressure, which than provides gas to various industries in the area. When the well field vacuum drops below –70” WC the system automatically starts one of the flares. If the vacuum set point is not reached within a pre-determined time, a second flare will go online.

Flow to both flares are PID controlled utilizing two separate 4-20mA actuators. Once vacuum has stabilized the flares automatically shutdown and the system runs normal. The (3) blowers are controlled by three separate VFDs that were integrated into the control system. Well field vacuum and pipe line pressure automatically control the running status of each blower, as well as blower speed.

 Blower Pad and Flare IntegrationBlower Pad and Flare IntegrationBlower Pad and Flare Integration